Frustrated with your Network?

Can't stand how slow it seems?

Wish your wireless was better?

Get it fixed for $199

Flat-rate labor

  • Get all the speed that you are paying for
  • Minimize wireless interference
  • Verify that devices are properly configured.

Even if I have to replace equipment, you won't get charged any extra for the installation and setup.

Please note: This is not available as a remote service, therefore it is only available within my on-site service area, which is as follows:

From Baltimore to Richmond, within 20 driving miles of I-95

From Richmond to Virginia Beach, within 20 driving miles of i-64

Any location outside of those zones will incur a distance charge which will be confirmed when we set your appointment.

Building a new Network or Planning a Major Upgrade?

Let's have a conversation first. I'll be happy to give you a free 30-minute consultation and lend some advice. You can book your appointment using the button below:

I've been helping business clients with technology for a long time.

My first tech job was sitting at a helpdesk, answering technical support calls for dial-up customers with 28.8K modems.
Some of you probably don't even know what those are... let's just say they were VERY SLOW.
Remote desktop sharing and video calls sure weren't an option back then, and neither was working from home for most people who needed to use a computer.
We have come a long way in 20+ years!
One thing that hasn't changed is that people have questions about their technology, and they waste HOURS digging through search engines instead of getting quick answers from someone with experience.
If you're tired of playing scavenger hunt every time you have a technology issue, schedule some time with me, bring your list of problems, and let's solve them for you.

Mary - Columbia, Maryland 

"But seriously, for all of you who need a solid IT company, this is who you need. Ken kept us all connected and secured long before work and school went virtual. He has also kept our home network up and running at all hours of the day and night."

Titi - Odenton, Maryland

"Ken blew my mind with his vast knowledge, eye-opening advice and genuine care about my buisiness. I look forward to working with him for many years to come!"

Nancy - Maryland

"Please consider using ken for website services or consultations.. He is knowledgeable, patient and all around nice guy."

With Fischer IT Solutions You Get:

  • Local Expertise: I don't ever outsource or hire offshore labor. If I need an extra set of hands, I always choose to hire someone who lives in our communities.
  • ​Decades of Experience: I have been providing Technology services to business clients since 2012, and have been wotking in the IT industry since 1998.
  • Rock-Solid Dependability: You can count on me to be there when you need me. Whether that's answering a service request on a Saturday night or driving four hours to solve a network issue, I'm committed to delivering exceptional service every time.
  • It's Fixed or it's Free: I only charge you for things I can fix or improve. You're never going to waste money trying to fix things when you ask me to help.
  • ​Guaranteed Satisfaction: All of my services come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Still not sure what to do about your network?

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