U.S. Based Technical Support that is

Available when you Need it

Easy to Work With

and That Doesn't Cost you a dime
if I Can't Solve your Problem!

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With Fischer IT Solutions You Get:

  • Local Expertise: I don't ever outsource or hire offshore labor. If I need an extra set of hands, I always choose to hire someone who lives in our communities.
  • ​Decades of Experience: I have been providing Technology services to business clients since 2012, and have been wotking in the IT industry since 1998.
  • Rock-Solid Dependability: You can count on me to be there when you need me. Whether that's answering a service request on a Saturday night or driving four hours to solve a network issue, I'm committed to delivering exceptional service every time.
  • It's Fixed or it's Free: I only charge you for things I can fix or improve. You're never going to waste money trying to fix things when you ask me to help.
  • ​Guaranteed Satisfaction: All of my services come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fischer IT Solutions Technical Support Options

All of my services include a full 30-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

Pay as you Go

Open cases whenever you like and pay for the actual time it takes to complete your request.

Prices range from $80-$120 per hour

Pre-paid Time Blocks

Purchase blocks of time in advance and draw against them whenever you need technical support.

Prices range from $64-$72 per hour.

Maintenance Plans

Our Proactive Service Plans include Discounted or Unlimited Technical Support.

Prices vary depending on your Devices


My Practices Keep You Safe!

  • Remote Support: Whenever possible, I use remote access to maintain and repair your computer.
  • Masks and Gloves: When I'm on-site at your location, I'm wearing masks and gloves - 100% of the time.
  • Social Distancing: I'm laser-focused on taking care of my customers, not on attending the next crowded social event.
  • Temperature Checks: I take my temperature multiple times every day to ensure that I'm as healthy as I feel.
  • Sanitization: I use alcohol sanitizer before and after every appointment to keep you safe.

Choose the IT Support Solution that not only takes care of your computers but also cares about your families!

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